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Guidance on Oracle ERP impact to General Ledger (GL) reporting


Do you need guidance on Oracle ERP impact to General Ledger (GL) reporting when upgrading to Release 12, as well as a brief synopsis of the top solutions available to address the gaps in meeting user requirements in the new environment?

With Release  12, Oracle has indicated that Client ADI is not supported and has been replaced with Web ADI and Report Manager. Web ADI will be a set of HTML- based tools  delivered by E-Business  Suite  (EBS), differing  from  Client  ADI’s requirement  for software  and database  client installation on each user’s machine. The primary advantage to this change is that there is no longer any requirement for a client install, as both web ADI and Report Manager are browser-based applications accessible via the GL Menu structure. A large amount of functionality has been removed, though, leaving users clamouring for alternative solutions.

Oracle Report Manager

Report Manager is dependent on BI Publisher  and XDO  engine to allow users to publish and store reports, but cannot be used for defining or modifying report layouts. Users  can  submit  Financial  Statement  Generators (FSGs)  or  standard reports available from the applications using Report Manager, however, a Report Manager template will originally need to be defined for each and every report. Report Manager is designed to act as a secure and convenient location to store and access point-in-time reports, but was not designed as an ad hoc enquiry tool.

Standard Request Submission

The ‘Program-  Publish FSG Report’ request  allows users to produce any FSG report;however, this method has complications, including the following:

  • No support for multi-tabbed workbooks when using content-set override
  • Report  layout  templates  are  built  using  MS  Word,  which  lacks  the flexibility of the Excel® editor
  • All templates built using the Excel® editor will now need to be rebuilt using the MS Word editor for use with this method

Other Oracle Alternatives

Alternatives to producing Financial  Statements are available through the Hyperion or Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition  (OBIEE)  products; however, the installation of such BI products  can be costly and time-consuming.

As enhancement developments of FSG reporting have been virtually non-existent over the last 15  years, current  developments of Oracle’s  BI products  (including the acquisition of Hyperion) has meant that Oracle customers are now forced to look to BI and alternate solutions to fill the reporting gaps.

Other Oracle Validated Integration  Solution Alternative

The GL Wand solution by Excel4apps, an Oracle Validation Integration solution, is a financial reporting tool designed to easily deliver real-time ERP data directly from Oracle using Excel®. The solution utilizes existing Oracle security settings in order to maintain appropriate data accessibility.

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