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How to Find the Best Financial Mobile Applications

How to Find the Best Financial Mobile Applications

Smartphone use has burst onto the scene in the past few years. Now, internet-enabled phone users outnumber all other mobile phone owners. The devices allow workers to access company information remotely, increasing business productivity, and mobile applications can often streamline or ease company operations.

As such, many in the financial community are constantly on the lookout for the newest apps that can keep them connected to markets, record figures on the go and other processes their careers require. But how can finance and accounting experts find the most promising programs?

Financial magazines or newspapers

Numerous publications have included lists of the best finance apps those hoping to make waves in the workplace should consider downloading. For example, Forbes Magazine released its take on "The Top 5 Free Finance Apps." The source gave BlackGold the top honor, explaining the program keeps track of the fluctuation in prices of commodities, like oil, gold and natural gas, among others. Other notable apps include the Mortgage Calculator, Wikinvest Portfolio Manager and Forbes' own Intelligent Investing app.

The Wall Street Journal also detailed the best apps for those in the realm of personal finance. Comparison spending app HelloWallet and budget calculator MoneyCenter were cited as some of the top programs.

Ask around

Rick Telberg, the president and CEO of the Bay Street Group, told AccountingWeb there are certain apps most accountants or other experts in their fields swear by, including those that increase productivity, add to billable hours and make the personal and business life transition easier. Therefore, it may be best to ask a trusted professional.

The source said that many popular apps, such as video conferencing program Skype and Evernote, which allows people to take notes and share them across multiple devices, are often helpful for accountants on the go.

CPA Andrew Schwartz suggested that accountants can use applications to make their clients' lives easier as well. The professional explained to AccountingWeb that he helps customers use UDoGood, allowing multiple individuals to check non-cash contributions, which can help with deductions come tax time.

Check around the marketplace

One of the simplest ways for those involved in the finance community to see the most used apps is to simply check the marketplace where they are offered, whether that is Apple's App Store or Google Play. The search can be conducted in a given field, such as finance.

According to Google, the top free financial applications include Chase Mobile, Wells Fargo and Capital One, all of which allow bankers to stay connected to their accounts. However, others may benefit from the popular news platforms available in app form, like CNBC Real-Time for Google, Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg for Smartphone, all of which fall within within the top 20 most popular Google mobile applications.

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