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IBM CFO Discusses Potential for 2012 Acquisitions

IBM CFO Discusses Potential for 2012 Acquisitions

After IBM Corporation reported better-than-anticipated fourth-quarter earnings, the company's chief financial officer held a conference call with analysts in which he discussed his acquisition plan for 2012, The Associated Press reports.

IBM, which saw revenue increase for its software and services segments, is reportedly on track for reaching at least $20 per share in adjusted earnings for 2015, according to CFO Mark Loughridge.

When asked about the potential for IBM undertaking a more aggressive acquisition strategy in 2012, Loughridge would not commit to anything, but noted the manner in which such decisions are made has improved at the company.

"[O]ne aspect of that improving performance, I think, and I can't give you a precise variance analysis on it, but we built a tool with research based on the analytic performance and all of the acquisitions that we've done since 2000... Analytics I think has really paid off for us. But I do think the acquisition play is a good one, and I do think the market is in a more reasonable position," he said.

According to Reuters, indications are pointing towards strong demand for IT services, with IBM's outlook strong and solid quarterly results from Intel and Microsoft.