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Identity Protection Features Come to YouTube

Identity Protection Features Come to YouTube

Professionals with executive jobs are directly involved with the marketing plans chosen to make potential customers aware of the company's message and products. When engaging in certain advertising campaigns, many companies use videos to express their achievements or provide patrons with guidelines on how merchandise can be used.

However, should consumers wander into the shot and not give the blessing for their images to be used, this could tie the business up in litigation, potentially resulting in lost revenue and a decline in business reputation. This may be avoided, as YouTube is now offering the Face Blurring tool that can be used to obscure the faces of video subjects.

The feature was originally developed to help keep human rights activists and journalists safe when covering stories from around the world, MSNBC noted. A YouTube blog said that the tool can be found under the additional features section of the video enhancements category, but that it is still being developed.

International Business Times also reported that currently, individual faces cannot be blurred, only the heads of all human subjects. However, that feature is being worked on. The source did note that it is extremely hard to unblur the videos, which provides an added level of safety.