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Increased Media Consumption Calls for More Mobile Marketing

Americans increasing their number of screens in which they are consuming media

The world of marketing is changing and businesses must be up to date on the latest innovations that will improve their relationships with customers, as well as help them generate new leads. It is becoming as important as ever for companies to begin using a strong marketing mix, allowing them to reach people who are consuming media on the medium of their choice.

Many Americans have access to TVs, smartphones, laptops, computers, and a number of other means of technology. According to a recent survey from data-driven multi-screen company Collective, consumers are using all of these devices on a daily basis to interact with brands. The research found 71 percent of Americans now access media on at least two screen devices on a daily basis.

"This fundamental change in media consumption is a major opportunity for brands to redefine their engagement with audiences," said Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective. "In today's multi-screen market, advertisers must deliver coordinated creative campaigns that are personalized with the right content for each device."

Businesses Must Learn Preferred Means to Consume Media
All companies have a target customer that they aim their marketing content toward, but they also must understand who is associating with their brand, and which modes of technology they are using to do so. According to the survey, one-quarter of Americans access media using a combination of TV, PC, tablet and smartphone devices each day, while 32 percent will be using multiple screens simultaneously to take in media content.

"The more we can learn about how people are consuming media via their multiple devices, the better we can pinpoint our client's messages and get the most out of our commercial content," said Simon Bond, chief marketing officer at BBDO Worldwide.

Time of Day Must Play a Role in Marketing
Many Americans have busy lives, but they are always on the lookout for media that will spark their interests. However, the medium that firms must focus on depends on the time of day, the report stated. The research revealed smartphones are tapped most in the morning, PCs are the preferred technology during the workday, tablets are used most during prime time TV schedules and as American lay down for bed they are only focused on their TV screens

"Consumers are using multiple screens to customize their media engagement," said Frederick Stallings, director of mobile at Collective, and co-author of the report. "Device daypart creative strategies will be critical for brands moving forward."

Measuring Mobile Marketing Must Be a Point of Emphasis
With innovations in technology becoming a bigger part of Americans' lives, mobile marketing needs to become a larger component of lead generation efforts. But, with company budgets not being where they once were, measuring such initiatives is even more important. A recent article for Inc. magazine outlined just what aspects of mobile marketing plans should be given the most attention and what to look for with these deployments.

  • Mobile messages: Many firms send out SMS messages to their customers, and must measure aspects of this initiative such as the device carrier, device identifier, timestamp, response history for specific numbers, and URL link conversions.
  • Mobile apps: The creation of mobile apps is gaining traction in the business, and because they are so new, it is difficult to measure their effectiveness up to this point:
  • Mobile ads: Text, audio, images, video and rich media can now be viewed on smartphones and tablets. Companies must keep track of impressions on the ads to help them understand which are most effective.

Adding mobile marketing to a company's lead generation and customer retention efforts is nearly necessary after realizing how many Americans are taking in media with a number of screens.

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