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Industry-specific Clouds Could Address Enterprise Concerns

Industry-specific cloud would enable vendors to cater to companies in like-min

Lingering concerns over data security and governance in the public cloud are leading to the emergence of a new solution - industry-specific cloud computing.

According to a recent Computerworld report, the goal of industry-specific clouds is to cater to businesses in a particular vertical. This would potentially allow cloud providers to meet the specific needs of certain industries. For example, healthcare organizations in search of the cloud would presumably be able to find a service that meets the needs of various regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The news provider added that industry-specific clouds would also offer "one-stop shopping" for applications, databases and services for businesses in similar verticals.

However, this approach to the cloud could also lead to vendor lock-in, Computerworld stated. This could potentially result in price gouging and sub-par offerings, as businesses would have nowhere else to turn for cloud services.

However businesses adopt the cloud, the technology does seem to be the future of enterprise IT. A 2010 study from Savvis estimated that nearly 75 percent of all businesses would use some form of cloud computing by 2015.

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