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Intel CFO Says Many Concerns Have Been Alleviated

Intel CFO Says Many Concerns Have Been Alleviated

The chief financial officer of chip manufacturing giant Intel told Reuters in a recent interview that he believes many of investors' concerns have been alleviated, and he likes the questions he is now getting from Wall Street.


According to the news source, CFO Stacy Smith said that previous investor concerns about Intel's ability to keep up with and adapt to consumer preference for tablets and smartphones are no longer much of an issue.

"A year ago, the concerns were that the drivers of the market weren't going to let Intel grow and that there was something inherent in our architecture that precluded us from being able to participate in fast growing parts of the market," Smith told Reuters. "Fast forward a year and we've alleviated both of those concerns."

Intel reportedly impressed analysts during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month with new chips that have been chosen for smartphones by Lenovo and Motorola Mobility, according to Reuters.

The New York Times reports Intel's profit rose only 6 percent during the fourth quarter, largely due to the flooding in Thailand last year.