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Investing in Cloud-based Services Around The Globe

Cloud computing is becoming popular in enterprises as CIOs and IT managers seek to find viable solutions that will improve efficiency and increase productivity, which is why the government in Ireland is opening a new cloud computing research center.

Around the world, government bodies are striving to spread cloud-based services through implementation, research, education and more. Cloud email, storage, and other services offer costs savings, quality processes and a variety of other benefits. Workers can easily handle tasks while traveling or at home through systems that are accessed over the internet. Additionally, organizations and enterprises can choose between a public, hybrid or private cloud, depending on their needs. Enterprises looking for new technological opportunities should consider turning to the cloud as services advance and develop.

Dublin City University hosts new research center
According to Dublin City University, a higher education institution that focuses on enterprise and business, Irish minister Richard Bruton recently put a new cloud computing technology center into place at the university. Not only will this new center focus on improving and developing the cloud, but it also seeks to provide opportunities for job-seekers in the sector.

"Cloud computing is already a significant part of the overall market for information technology and services and is now one of the fastest growing segments of the market. That's why as part of the Government's Action Plan for Jobs we have specifically targeted this sector for jobs and growth in the coming years," said Bruton, according to the news source.

Theo Lynn, principal investigator at DCU, told the news source that the cloud will not only bolster the Irish economy, but will generally help accelerate the EU toward cloud solutions.

Essential cloud features
When IT decision-makers are considering moving some of their enterprises' IT infrastructures to the cloud, they should consider a number of important features. According to Wired, there are several features akin to cloud management that every solution should have. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is becoming popular, but needs to manage multiple cloud offers. Additionally, the cloud deployment should reduce complexities and support a multitude of applications. According to the news source, a cloud management solution should make it easy to control costs, ensuring that there are no surprises forecasting budgets.

Choosing services carefully can also prevent against hang-ups in cloud implementation. A vendor should not be chosen at random. Different enterprises require a variety of solutions, depending on their unique processes and industry. Public, private and hybrid options are all available, as are a large amount of cloud-based services such as cloud email, cloud storage and more. These options can help facilitate As government agencies around the world seek to include cloud offering, enterprise leaders owe it to their organizations to choose options carefully in order to ensure success.

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