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Issues of Cybersecurity Come to The Forefront

In the world of corporate accounting and corporate finance, there is much information that should remain confidential. With the proliferation of cloud computing in enterprise, it's important that business executives and IT specialists carefully consider issues of cybersecurity. Viruses, malware, hackers and other security breaches can threaten companies if they are not careful to implement security detectors and software.

A survey reveals perceptions of security
A recent survey revealed gaps in security perception among small and medium-sized business owners. The survey, conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Symantec, showed that many believe they are secure when they don't actually have security plans in place. Seventy-seven percent believe their enterprise is safe, but less than 20 percent have a security plan.

Despite the lack of formal cybersecurity plans, most small and medium-sized business owners believe security is essential and that they need to be protected from threats.

"We want U.S. small businesses to understand they cannot completely remain safe from cyber threats if they do not take the necessary precautions," said Michael Kaiser, executive director of NCSA. "A data breach or hacking incident can really harm SMBs and unfortunately lead to a lack of trust from consumers, partners and suppliers. Small businesses must make plans to protect their businesses from cyber threats and help employees stay safe online."

Brian Burch, vice president of marketing for SMB at Symantec, said that it is very alarming that most small businesses have such a gap in perception when it comes to security.

Enterprises can solve cybersecurity issues
Just because many businesses aren't employing adequate protection doesn't mean that cybersecurity issues can't be solved. Along with the survey results, StaySafeOnline offered some tips business executives and IT professionals can follow.

The news source reported that enforcing strict password guidelines, knowing what information needs to be protected, using a thorough security solution and educating employees can all help make an enterprise more secure.

It's important that information is protected completely, that business executives are kept up to date and that a plan for disaster is put into place, reported the news source.

Government leaders and agencies prioritize cybersecurity
Government leaders are also recognizing that cybersecurity should be a priority. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear  has declared October as Cyber Security Awareness Month in an effort to promote reflection and education about the importance of protection against cyber crimes, according to Murray State News.

"From our standpoint, Kentucky must provide infrastructure security while maintaining access for our state agencies, local partners and citizens," said Governor Beshear in a statement. "We all have a responsibility in regard to cyber security. Helping people understand how they can protect themselves is an important message."

According to Wired, The Department of Homeland Security needs qualified cybersecurity specialists and will be hiring 600 or so. The DHS is now required to employ these workers full-time, rather than giving them contracts.

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