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IT Consumerization May Hold Key to Attracting Top Talent

Embracing technology trends may be key to recruiting promising employees.

The consumerization of enterprise IT is bringing a new wave of risks and benefits to the business community, and some experts now believe support for this trend may help companies attract future employees.

Social media, mobile devices and a variety of technologies are blurring the lines between work and play for a number of enterprise IT managers. The emergence of this trend has caused a number of management headaches, but there is likely no turning back now that the door to IT consumerization has been opened.

"It's not a fad anymore - it's a reality," industry expert Glenn Paige stated at a recent technology summit, according to CIO. "This is the world we live in, the world our children grow up in and the world that our future employees are growing up in as we speak."

Employee demands for instant communication and flexible work arrangements may soon force the hand of enterprise IT managers as business executives realize the need to cater to the expectation of top talent.

According to the latest research from Dell, nearly 90 percent of employees are now using personal laptops, smartphones and tablets to access corporate resources.