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IT Infrastructure Checklist

IT infrastructure checklist

CFOs have a wide range of technological innovations at their fingertips, but before making any rash decisions about the cloud, big data and virtualization, it's vital to ensure the company's IT infrastructure can handle the additional demands. A reasonably new solution that businesses are turning to in preparation for a wider range of IT solutions is technological convergence - the interlinking of computing and other information technologies, media content and communication networks to work together in synergy.

A Strong IT Infrastructure Is the First Step
Recent research from Forrester Consulting on behalf of CA Technologies revealed infrastructure management is becoming more important within today's corporations, but isn't quite where it needs to be. Businesses need to accelerate efforts toward convergence to allow for complete ownership of IT solutions by the firm. With companies making slow progress, investments in the cloud and big data streams may have to take a backseat for the time-being.

"Senior executives across all functions are expecting IT to contribute to game-changing innovation and business transformation that can get products and services to market faster, spur revenue growth and support the agile creation of entirely new business models," said Mike Sargent, general manager of service assurance at CA Technologies.

Consolidating Efforts Will Help Firms Move Forward
New technologies are expected to play a huge role in the future at many firms, and the sooner they are able to properly manage cloud computing, big data and a mobile workforce from one solution, the company will be able to begin realizing the true benefits of such advancements, according to the study. Creating a strong foundation for the deployment of technologies will give CFOs the footing that their organizations need to ensure that infrastructure management won't be a problem down the road.

Where Can IT Professionals Step In?

CFOs with the hopes of launching and achieving the benefits of new technologies will need to be sure their IT staff will have the skills necessary to manage such deployments. This is where IT professionals play a huge role in the process. It is up to them to continue their education and become an even bigger asset to their firms. Here are a few thoughts from Computerworld that IT professionals can keep in mind when businesses are ready to beef up their infrastructure.

  • Make IT a business strength: When the IT team is ahead of operations at the business, it will be properly prepared for any changes that are desired by higher-level executives. IT can't lag behind the company, they must be a few steps ahead to be ready to supplement any changes.
  • Have a passion for servicing the company: Being an IT professional isn't always the most rewarding job, but if businesses want their virtual infrastructure to be strong, top level executives must ensure their IT team is ready and willing to combat any issues. IT pros must be get satisfaction out of their jobs, even if their pay level isn't the highest.
  • Continue to grow skill sets: Technologies are constantly getting smarter and without getting the proper training, it is hard for IT professionals to keep up. By realizing what skills they need to improve, technology pros can become an even greater asset to their firms.

CFOs who are looking to grow their IT staff and want an infrastructure that can used as the groundwork for technological innovation need to look for these attributes in the employees who are managing their technologies.

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