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Keeping employee morale high is critical for CFOs

CFOs need to keep employee morale high

While salary is certainly one of the most important things for employees, CFOs need to understand that the little things are also critical to ensuring that morale is high around the office.

According to Financial Executives International, the first thing a CFO needs to do in order to foster a positive, comfortable work environment for his or her employees is to offer them all of the resources they need to complete their tasks.

Additionally, providing paths towards career advancement and alerting one's workers to potential new opportunities within the company can go a long way towards keeping the employees focused and motivated in the office.

In this same vein, it is imperative for CFOs to reward one's workers if they successfully meet or exceed their goals, particularly if such achievements help the company make money. As financial bosses know, the bottom line is typically what matters most to CEOs, so workers who help improve the bottom line should be recognized appropriately.

Keeping employee morale high around the office is particularly important in this economy, as many workers are weary from having more pressure with layoffs occurring around them and companies looking to do more with less, according to the Chicago Tribune.