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Key CPA Qualities

There are certain qualities that are crucial for certified public accountants

There are certain qualities that are crucial for certified public accountants (CPAs) to have, according to the results of a recent accounting survey that was conducted by CPA industry representative CPA Consultants’ Alliance (CPACA).

The results of the survey are contained in a whitepaper called "CPA Firm Leadership: Communication Drives New Possibilities," which gathered data from more than 780 people who work at CPA firms, according to Accounting Today. Of the 57 people that contributed to the survey, most of them work for companies that are either medium or large in size, and almost 75 percent are CPAs.

Survey results
Most of the people who reported their sentiment surrounding the industry revealed that they are happy with their position. While 69.7 percent predicted that they are very likely to continue working in public accounting, another 23.1 percent stated that they are likely to do so, the media outlet reports.

A mere 7.2 percent of the participants specified that they were either unlikely or very unlikely to continue working in the same job. Of these respondents that seemed dissatisfied, the large fraction worked in a senior position. These people provided a plethora of reasons for their unhappiness.

When the respondents were asked what qualities are crucial to leadership, the most frequently-reported trait was integrity, and the next was the skills involved in delegating responsibilities and helping to build robust teams of professionals, according to the news source.

The third most frequently stated quality was being a visionary. The people who answered the survey overwhelmingly replied that the one thing they wanted from their company leadership was improved communication.

"Leadership is the foundation of our profession, and this white paper will speak strongly to every current and future firm leader," Sandra Wiley, president of The CPACA, said in a statement. "Progress begins with a current assessment about our profession and then applying that knowledge in your own firm so transformation occurs. The CPACA has a clear vision to inspire positive change in our profession, and we believe this is a tremendous first step."

The strong job satisfaction described by the people participating in the CPACA survey is mirrored by a recent Mergis Group poll, in which 74 percent of finance and accounting professionals are confident that they will hold the same position they have currently one year from now, according to CPA Practice Advisor.