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Lack of time is a major concern for most CFOs

Time a crucial factor for CFOs

While the financial crisis undoubtedly put significant added pressure on financial bosses of all companies, one of the major issues CFOs face on a daily basis is a lack of time to accomplish everything they need to.

However, despite this issue of time - one that undoubtedly hampers most working Americans - there are a number of ways that executives can more effectively manage their time and get the most out of their days.

According to a recent article, having an agenda is often an underrated tool, as this can allow financial bosses to write down any meetings or other responsibilities that come up on a regular basis.

In this same vein, it is of paramount importance for CFOs to ensure that they begin and end meetings on time. While there may seem to be a need to run meetings longer than the scheduled time, this is exactly where most of one's hours are lost during the course of the week, so it is important to limit this excess whenever possible.

Another effective way for CFOs to manage time efficiently can be to encourage callers to leave emails rather than voicemails by directing them to do so on one's answering machine, according to CFO World.