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Large Disconnect Between CEOs, CIOs

Large Disconnect Between CEOs, CIOs

In ensuring business continuity for a large corporation, it is essential that those with executive jobs work together to make sure everything runs smoothly. However, a recent report noted there is a growing disconnect between some of the most important company positions - CEOs and CIOs.

The McKinsey Global Survey found many of the priorities expressed by CEOs and CIOs greatly differ. For example, when asked about investing in digital business, 40 percent of CEOs said they wanted to invest at least 3 percent of total revenue, while only 12 percent of CIOs agreed, showing a large discrepancy. The survey then said these differences may be due to a lack of clarity and consistency on investments.

Such a gap in understanding and priorities can lead to business failure, a recent Wall Street Journal blog explained. According to writer Clint Boulton, Gartner analyst Ken McGee said a divide between leaders in the two positions often affects business growth, but noted working together on financial projects to benefit the company can often remedy this.

Boulton reported CEOs often tend to focus on reducing enterprise costs and reaching into new markets, while CIOs find attaining new customers and developing products in more important.