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Managing Talented Financial Employees a Critical Task for CFOs

Managing Talented Financial Employees a Critical Task for CFOs

With more CFOs reporting that human resources is becoming a larger component of their job descriptions, managing top financial employees and grooming them for other positions is of paramount importance.

According to, a recent conference for CFOs hosted by Argyle Executive Forum discussed how talent management was best achieved, particularly with a new type of workforce with different career advancement expectations.

Cliff Lange, CFO of Boston Mutual Life Insurance, explained during the discussion that he tells his employees that the tasks accomplished and attitude demonstrated each day can have a lasting effect on one's career path.

"I tell my junior people that they should treat every day as an interview for the rest of their career. It amazes me, at age 53, how many stories I still hear about things people said and did in business back in the 1970s or 1980s that stick with them for the rest of their career," Lange said.

Another important aspect of talent management includes serving as a mentor to younger employees, advising them on their career paths while instilling in them the skills and attitude necessary for an executive-level position.

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