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Many Enterprises not Confident with Data Migration Security

Many Enterprises not Confident with Data Migration Security

In recent years, many information technology (IT) departments in major enterprises have turned their focus toward data security and protection of corporate systems. This is likely the result of an ever-increasing number of security issues that plague governments and organizations from across the world.

Varonis, a data governance software provider, recently released the results of a survey that found many organizations are not comfortable with security of data that is being transferred. According to the firm, 95 percent of the 200 surveyed IT professionals cited moving data at least once annually, while 65 percent weren't sure if the information was secured.

This is troubling, as data in the transition process should be the most highly protected, with many experts recommending encryption on both ends of the migration process. Varonis added that nearly 80 percent of respondents were not confident that information was secured from access points, many of which also explained that there were many unidentifiable files.

Firms need to either secure their own information or seek out support to do so, as data breaches and exposed information can cost millions of dollars, as well as significant lost face in the eyes of clientele.