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McDonald's Adds Calorie Count to Menu

McDonald's Adds Calorie Count to Menu

This summer McDonald's launched its Favorites Under 400 initiative to highlight menu items with fewer than 400 calories, and now the company will go one step further to include the calorie listing for all items on its menu.

The hamburger chain announced this week that it will display nutritional information on menus nationwide starting Monday. The company, along with other large chains, has been under pressure from public health and nutrition groups to offer better information and provide healthy alternatives to its menu. The decision to post the calorie information comes ahead of federal regulation that requires major chains to provide the data by next year.

In addition to providing nutritional information, the company announced that it is testing healthier options for its menu. The restaurant is planning to provide seasonal fruits and vegetables along with whole grain muffins and an egg white Egg McMuffin according to Greg Watson, senior vice president of menu innovation for McDonald's.

Critics state that the move is just a small step in the right direction and that more needs to be done to improve public health. McDonald's has continued to see strong sales globally and remains the world's largest hamburger chain.