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MDM Systems Can Accommodate Enterprise Mobile Users

MDM Systems Can Accommodate Enterprise Mobile Users

In the finance community, treasury community and in other communal enterprises, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming popular. Essentially, employees use their own mobile phones, tablets and personal computers for work purposes, presenting issues in security and accessibility.

Security is the primary concern for enterprises, according to ITWorld. Mobile devices can easily be compromised because most do not have security solutions automatically installed. The news source reported that most Americans lose their phones about once a year, presenting opportunities for cybercriminals to access confidential information.

According to Business Insider, the best solution for companies struggling to manage mobile enterprise is to implement mobile device management (MDM) systems. Through an MDM system, an IT department can remove company information if the device is compromised or if there are security breaches.

Business Insider recommended enterprises look at Zenprise MobileManager and Fiberlink's MaaS360 for MDM solutions.

Businesses need to assess how an MDM system would fit into their existing IT infrastructure, reported ITWorld. The news source recommended using SaaS or cloud-based solutions. It's also important that employees understand that being part of an MDM system means the privacy of their devices may be compromised.

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