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Merging IT, physical security in the enterprise

Merging IT, physical security in the enterprise

IT security has been among the most hotly discussed topics by executives in the corporate world recently, as high profile data breaches and other issues continue to make headlines. Those with executive jobs have a lot on their plate in this way, though there are myriad support structures in place to ensure the integrity of security systems.

FierceCIO recently reported that businesses should consider combining IT security staff with physical security personnel for a more comprehensive approach toward deterring threats. According to the news provider, the common method of keeping these two positions separate can lead to serious errors stemming from a lack of communication and cohesion.

As an example, FierceCIO discussed the subject of a substance abuse treatment center that had issues with former employees returning to the facility with fake identification cards and causing problems. The healthcare provider decided to merge its employee credentials through human resources directors, putting physical and digital defense in the same loop.

Last month, InfoWorld listed some of the more common measures taken to ensure IT security in the enterprise that often fail. According to the source, businesses should not rely solely on firewalls that are often easy to breach, and not fall into the same category as many other businesses who do not educate their staff on IT security best practices.