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Microsoft CFO Discusses Skype Amid Controversy

Microsoft CFO Discusses Skype Amid Controversy

Peter Klein, the chief financial officer of Microsoft, said during the recent Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference that consumers should be excited about the addition of Skype to the company's repertoire.

The CFO of Microsoft, which recently acquired Skype for $8.5 billion, noted that the company's Lync software system and Skype will serve multiple purposes.

"Think of them as amplifying each other," Klein explained. "Lync is limited to inside the firewall" of the corporation. "Skype extends that to everyone you want to communicate with" - including partners, customers and people outside of the firewall. "You should think of Lync and Skype bringing together the best of both."

Klein's comments come as Cisco is reportedly challenging Microsoft's acquisition of the online communication tool. Cisco is reportedly concerned about Skype and Lync uniting, and is pushing to ensure that the voice and video services work with those of rival companies, according to BusinessWeek.

CNET reports that as a result of these concerns, Cisco has appealed the decision by the European Commission to approve the merger, saying restrictions should have been imposed in order to prevent a monopoly on video conferencing.