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Mobile Workforce Growing, Presenting Companies with New Risks

The global population of mobile employees is set to reach 1.3 billion.

Professionals today can't seem to get enough of mobile technology. Between smartphones, tablets and other devices, the reliance on mobility is growing all around the world.

This notion was evident in the results of a new study from IDC that forecast the global mobile workforce to reach 1.3 billion employees by the end of 2015. Two years ago, the population topped out at 1 billion, according to the researchers.

"Despite recent market turmoil, mobility continues to be a critical part of the global workforce and we expect to see healthy growth in the number of mobile workers," Stacy Crook, the senior research analyst for the firm's Mobile Enterprise Research program, said.

In the Americas region, the mobile workforce contained 182.5 million people in 2010, with North America accounting for 75 percent of that total. By 2015, according to IDC, the number will reach more than 212 million.

While this trend is sure to make for a more productive workforce, it's also bound to present numerous data security risks for companies. That's why experts suggest that all companies deploy a mobile device management solution to govern the use of smartphones and tablets and protect enterprise information.