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Navigate Information Landscape in Big Data Age

Navigate Information Landscape in Big Data Age

The biggest cities in the world are often home to the most crime and corruption. Within vast urban sprawl it is difficult for enforcement officials to root out malevolent behavior.

This is the same concern that is falling upon corporate executives in the age of big data. With the implementation of new IT systems in conjunction with an overabundance of information, it is increasingly difficult for corporations to make sure data is safe from corruption across all levels of the network.

A 2011 study by Vanafi found that the majority of companies are experiencing difficulties controlling access to information. The majority of the 500 IT professionals interviewed reported that low-level employees had more access to information than executives. When questioned who had the easiest access to data, 65 percent cited the IT department over the CEO.

Now, with the emergence of cloud storage technologies, executives can rest assured that their data is secure. By using a verified storage service, corporations can be aware of where all their information is stored. Furthermore, by utilizing cloud file tracking systems, businesses can now not only know where their data is, but also who is accessing it, and what potential changes have been made.\

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