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New Domain Names Expected Within Two Years

New Domain Names Expected Within Two Years

Those with executive jobs can often be found scouring the internet for the latest news in their respective industry. They are often familiar with common internet suffixes, including .com, .net, .gov and .org, among hundreds of others. However, these individuals may notice some changes begining to take shape during the next two years.

A number of companies and institutions have drafted proposals for the rights to own customized internet suffixes. According to the Associated Press, this week the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will be releasing a new list of suffixes set to be incorporated into webpages within the next two years.

The AP explained groups want their webpages to be more specified. For example, Google petitioned for .Google, .lol and .YouTube, while the local government of New York City asked to own .nyc. Both English and non-English domain names have been requested, the source noted.

A separate AP article revealed the application process is expensive and involved. The process became available to the public in January, and those applying had to answer a 50-question survey explaining why they want the name, as well as disclose their financial standing. The application, the source reported, costs $185,000 per domain name.