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New Lyris CFO puts focus on human resources

Lyris CFO emphasizes importance of human resources

Building companies into competitive forces around the world requires employees with strong work ethics from top to bottom, and the new CFO of e-mail marketing solutions firm Lyris knows that a critical aspect of his job entails finding these types of people.

Keith Taylor, who has an extensive background human resource management as CFO at a range of companies, is using this experience to his advantage, as he understands that acquiring quality individuals is only possible through building a strong leadership team.

"Throughout my career, I've tried to set companies apart by asking why we are successful and how we can be more successful," Taylor told "Well, if we've got high turnover, or the wrong people in the wrong roles at the wrong time, or with the wrong focus or cultural attributes, we're going to be less successful."

One of the major steps Lyris has taken in order to better compete for talented workers against larger firms like Google and Facebook is hiring a vice president of human resources, which will help Taylor eliminate some of the time Taylor spends on human-capital management, according to

This could potentially allow Taylor to put more focus on sustainability strategy, which can have a significant impact on the company's portfolio holdings, according to a recent Environmental Leader article.