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New MacBooks Seeing Multiple Issues

New MacBooks Seeing Multiple Issues

Those with executive jobs are always looking for the latest devices that can help their employees complete their work faster and ensure business productivity. Many supply workers with their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to complete their work on. However, leaders may want to stay away from a popular new offering, as IT professionals have run into a bevy of issues.

The Retina MacBook Pro, released in mid-June, was found to be the "least-repairable laptop we've taken apart," iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens said in an email to Computerworld.

Wiens also told the source that the device is nearly non-upgradable, so it may not be the best option for those who are going to want to use it in the long run and adapt it to new technologies, including expandable memory sources.

Moreover, according to Macworld, many current users are protesting the display capabilities for Office for Mac, a popular program for students and business people alike. The source said a large number of individuals have been leaving comments on official Mac blog posts complaining about the quality and feasibility of opening the program on their Retina MacBooks.