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New Malicious Virus Found in the Middle East

New Malicious Virus Found

Because most in the finance community use computers and the internet during their everyday business alink_delimiter_1 , they may want to be on the lookout for a new virus that could plague systems everywhere.

According to Reuters, experts uncovered a new data-stealing virus named "Flame" that has been present in some Middle Eastern computers for a number of years. Computer forensics experts at Kaspersky Labs recently made the discovery, though they do not know where Flame originated. The source suggested this news could fuel belief nations are deploying homegrown tools of cyberwarfare.

Flame is very complex and contains a large number of codes, so scientists are still not quite sure how it operates, Reuters detailed. They are aware that it steals data files, takes screen shots to gather information and can change settings on various computer features.

Ponemon's 2011 Second Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study found attacks over the internet are a common concern for businesses. The study noted companies surveyed experienced more than one successful attack per firm each week.

Analysts at Kaspersky explained people need to be vigilant whenever they are on computers.

"If Flame went on undiscovered for five years, the only logical conclusion is that there are other operations ongoing that we don't know about," Kaspersky senior researcher Roel Schouwenberg told Reuters.