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New survey reveals state of cloud computing

New survey reveals state of cloud computing

The corporate community and finance community may not be as up on new technologies as software developers, but they're poIsed to benefit from enterprise cloud computing. Many firms are deploying cloud-based services despite lack of public knowledge regarding the technology.

A survey commissioned by Citrix and conducted by Wakefield research sought to determine attitudes surrounding cloud computing, concluding that many Americans don't understand what cloud computing is, but still recognize its benefits.

"The most important takeaway from this survey is that the cloud is viewed favorably by the majority of Americans, and when people learn more about the cloud they understand it can vastly improve the balance between their work and personal lives," said Kim DeCarlis, vice president of corporate marketing at Citrix.

But how does the survey implicate enterprise? Well, for starters, enterprises are not hesitating to implement cloud solutions. 

Valentin Bercovici, cloud and big data expert for NetApp, told Forbes that concerns surrounding cloud computing have not affected enterprise. He said that business executives understand cloud computing, both its positive and negative points. He went on to say that Gmail and iCloud will define cloud computing for the public, but that it will be awhile before they understand it. 

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