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New Windows 8 Platform Can Benefit Businesses

New Windows 8 Platform Can Benefit Businesses

IT department staff members with executive jobs may soon be changing the operating systems of their entire companies, after the release of the latest preview version of Windows 8. The new platform, though not yet in its final phase, offers many new developments to users.

The Windows 8 Release Preview was recently released for download after the initial February Windows 8 Consumer Preview was downloaded by over 1 million customers in its first 24 hours. This new version will include more applications, including travel, gaming and music programs. The Mail, Photos and People apps released in February have also seen notable upgrades.

Microsoft predicted the massive popularity of Windows 8, saying it has already become the most tested operating system the company has ever developed.

CNET, however, indicated many businesses may not be quick to adopt the new technology. Some people believe this version of the wildly popular operating system is not completely business friendly and is instead marketed toward consumers. The source said many technology leaders believe the operating system will display its full potential on mobile devices. However, because a large number of companies allow their employees to complete duties on their smartphones, this still may be a good idea for firms.