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The Next Generation of Treasury Management Systems (TMS)

The Next Generation of TMS

Even in today´s turbulent economic environment, leading companies continue to grow. As CFOs around the globe take their seat at the head of the table alongside the CEO they are supported by their treasurer, who has become a strategic advisor due to the financial data and intelligence that treasury can provide. This is a stark contrast to the pre-GFC world where financial departments focused mainly on operational efficiency in daily business. In the new normal, treasury is being called upon to be more analytical in order to support strategic decision making and grow the business. This shift is nothing short of transformational.

Modern technology has enabled this treasury transformation. Traditional TMS technology has evolved and a new generation of solutions for integrated Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) has emerged.  Built to enable and support highly optimized and automated processes, a TRM makes it possible for CFOs and financial executives to concentrate on strategic challenges and objectives. Today, aligning corporate finance, treasury and risk functions to deliver on business objectives is a top priority. Integrated technologies can be leveraged here as well.

In today’s financial environment, crises are never far away and CFOs and treasurers feel constrained by the ability of their current solutions to cope with swift market events and changing regulatory requirements. A TRM solution that leverages SaaS technology is able to deliver visibility across an organization so that they can operate and compete in today’s globalized, interconnected and fast-moving economy.

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