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Oracle's Sun Microsystems Deal Can Teach CFOs

Oracle's Sun Microsystems Deal Can Teach CFOs

During the recent MIT Sloan CFO Summit, chief financial officers received insight from Oracle's current chairman and former finance boss on the changing role of the position.

According to IDG News, chairman Jeff Henley - who was instrumental in making the company's 2010 acquisition of Sun Microsystems successful - explained that IT was a critical factor in the health of a business.

"The CFO role is more far-ranging than finance," Henley noted. "Most companies are not using IT to its full potential. More complexity means less innovation. When you reduce complexity, you get better information and better controls."

Henley acknowledged the significant challenges Oracle faced in the takeover of Sun Microsystems, including inventory, manufacturing and distribution issues. In these areas, Oracle decided to simplify the supply chain and make decisions that would benefit all customers, Henley noted.

Henley's comments come as Oracle reportedly moves to become a cloud provider, two years after chief executive Larry Ellison referred to the cloud as simply marketing hype, according to ZDNet.  

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