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Outdated Software Could Harm Business

Outdated Software Could Harm Busines

It is easy for employees in the finance community to fall into the same habits to complete business tasks if software or programs used still work under current operating systems. However, outdated software can often do more harm than good to a business.

ZDNet recently released a list of warning signs business owners should regard as reasons to update to newer technologies. Expired support contacts, long-forgotten automatic passwords, network backups and a block on mobile devices are all issues that technology used in a business setting should not have.

By relying on software that is past its prime, companies may be doing more than just inhibiting their own productivity. According to the news source, they could also provide the opposition with a competitive advantage, setting themselves up to be overtaken in the market.

Old programs lend themselves to more frequent breaches, ZDNet explained, as they can be poorly configured, full of glitches or simply easy to hack into, as opposed to newer software with enhanced security measures.

Yellowstone Capital suggested that when fixes are made in software updates, the company releasing the program often publishes advisories. These notes, telling of the problem with the previous version are often widely available, so hackers can use them to break into older systems.