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Outgrowing QuickBooks? How Do You Know When Its Time to Upgrade Your Financial System?

QuickBooks was the best fit for your business when you first started using it, but is it the right choice to drive the next stage of your company's growth?

With over 3.5 million QuickBooks users, you're not the only one facing this question. Thousands of businesses arrive at a similar crossroads every year. Timing is everything: if you replace QuickBooks too early, then you may end up with more software than you need right now. But if you wait too long, you could end up struggling with inefficient business processes that could actively damage your business performance and prospects for future profitability and growth.

At what point do the costs to the business of maintaining QuickBooks-and the other systems it requires to function — outweigh the benefits of keeping it in place? When is the right time to make the move?

Drawing on the experiences of thousands of small businesses who left QuickBooks, and providing real-life case studies, this white paper identifies five recurring themes that indicate its time to upgrade off of QuickBooks. It provides you with a list of the business process inefficiencies that you might see reflected in your own business, as well as the tell-tale signs that your business has begun to reach the limits of QuickBooks or perhaps has already outgrown it.


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