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Palo Alto Networks CFO Practices Hands-Off Management Style

Palo Alto Networks CFO Practices Hands-Off Management Style

The chief financial officer of network security company Palo Alto Networks said during a recent interview with IDG News that when it comes to managing employees, he prefers to let them determine their own paths to accomplish a task.

CFO Michael Lehman, who is responsible for overseeing 70 of the company's 500 employees, told the news service that he learned throughout his career in a variety of executive jobs that hiring self-starters to do their jobs independently was the best strategy to employ.

"I'd say the simplest way to put it is hands off. As I mentioned before, I try to hire really high-quality people, give them the resources to do their role, give them some sort of vision and context, and then get out of their way and let them go deliver," Lehman explained.

In order to employ this technique, Lehman says he gets right to the point during the interview and asks his candidates about their own personal management style. This, the CFO tells IDG, can demonstrate whether or not the applicant will be a good fit with the company.

Lehman's tactics are seemingly paying off, as research firm Garnter recently placed Palo Alto Networks in the leadership position for the firewall market, The Wall Street Journal reports.