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With PCs Becoming Thing of the Past, CFOs Forced to Adapt

With PCs Becoming Thing of the Past, CFOs Forced to Adapt

Personal computers are rapidly declining in use, as exemplified by Hewlett-Packard's recent decision to pursue a spin off for its PC division.

While the lack of PC use represents a natural transition as technology becomes more efficient, this trend is something that finance chiefs around the world need to be conscious of and ready to adapt to.

According to CFO World, the direct impact of decreasing PC use is felt by finance chiefs in the area of financial applications. Whereas QuickBooks continues to serve as the major accounting tool and Business Plan Pro is mainly used for business planning, web-based alternatives are becoming more and more popular, according to the publication.

WorkingPoint and Xero, for instance, are becoming more widely used due to their mobile computing advantages and effective accounting controls, CFO World says. Likewise, such web-based software is more appealing as the push towards a more virtual workforce continues.

Indicative of this trend of declining PC use are a pair of recent IDC releases noting that PC shipments grew at a slower-than-expected rate during the second quarter, while tablet shipments jumped more than 300 percent year-over-year.

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