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Personal Devices Causing Headaches for Enterprises

Some businesses are having trouble adjusting to tablets and other consumer gad

Though smartphones, tablets and other increasingly common consumer technologies are proving to have benefits in the workplace, this so-called consumerization of IT is having a stressful effect on companies and their IT departments.

Consumerization of IT describes a strategy in which businesses allow employees to use consumer-based or personal devices for work-related tasks. This may include traditional computers, but lately the trend has focused on mobile devices.

According to a recent study from Dimensional Research and Dell KACE, 87 percent of businesses support some sort of consumer IT strategy. In a survey of 741 IT professionals, 69 percent said employees can use their own PCs in the workplace, and 80 percent allow employee-owned smartphones.

However, this is putting strain on the IT department, which must ensure these devices aren't being used to leak sensitive information or distracting the employee. According to the study, 64 percent of IT professionals worry about the security implications of personal devices.

Given the productivity benefits of smartphones and other mobile devices, it seems certain that the consumerization of IT is going to grow. However, experts recommend IT departments implement security policies and tools to ensure the devices are used properly.