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Personally Branding the C-Level Exec

Developing your personal brand now may help future career growth.

For the employees heading up a company, developing a personal brand is not only necessary when publicly representing the business, it's a tactic that can assist leadership efforts and help advance careers.

As personal branding expert Dan Schawbel writes for the Forbes blog, performing your best at your current level will go a long way in creating opportunities down the line.

Jim Quigley, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CEO, told Schawbel that "If you want to be a very good manager, you better become an outstanding senior [executive]." Rather than obsessing over how he could get to CEO, Quigley said he focused on how he was doing with his existing job in order to gain the relevant knowledge and confidence to advance.

"I think each one of those steps along the way gave me experience, gave me perspective, gave me understanding," he noted.

Keep in mind that a personal brand is dynamic and must be constantly maintained. The International Business Times reports that in order to stay current, leaders must regularly check in with their values and goals. Sometimes you may need to rebrand yourself as you react and respond to changes in the industry or within your company.