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Potential Leaders Must Show CFOs They Are Ready For Advancement

Leaders must demonstrate they are ready to climb the career ladder.

CFOs bring on teams of talented employees who they believe can make an impact at their firms. Sometimes they don't put proven members of their workforce in leadership positions, opting to nurture other staff members for high-level roles. This often causes the seemingly snubbed employees to ask themselves, "What am I doing wrong?" It may be a lot of things, or just one little habit that drives their bosses insane. A recent article for Inc. magazine outlined why some top staff members may be getting overlooked.

The Company Values Other Accomplishments
Some leaders can read a laundry list of accomplishments that demonstrate just how much respect they have from their peers, as well as successes they have had in the business world. However, these feats don't match up with what CFOs are looking for in their high-level management teams. Leaders who want to prove to their higher-ups that they can handle any assignment need to volunteer for projects outside their comfort zones to demonstrate they are prepared for anything.

Leaders Need to Step Up Their Game
It happens all the time: People value themselves in the workplace more than their superiors and co-workers do. This can often be frustrating for leaders because they see themselves doing a lot for the company, but, in reality, they are not doing the right things. Luckily, hard workers in the office can solve this problem and grow to be valued members of the organization. By asking their CFOs about how they can become a better leader and finding a mentor to guide them to higher levels of prosperity, employees who have a low self-image may be able to grow and achieve their performance potential. Following these steps can often lead to the promotion coveted by staff members who have seen themselves in management roles.

Force the CFOs Hand to Get Promoted
Leaders are often willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for their organizations, and when they see something they want, they'll go after it. If they constantly believe they are being overlooked for high-level management roles, there are other things they can do to make sure their CFO notices their production in the workplace. Using these tips provided by Forbes for getting promoted in 2013 will make it impossible for CFOs not to consider a proven leader for a higher position.

  • Be as likeable as possible: People don't want to work for someone who they can't get along with, and CFOs will notice this. By having a good personality and winning the respect of others, it will be easier to land that promotion.
  • Always remain loyal: After being passed up for promotions several times, some people may lose faith in the company. However, by staying loyal to their CFO and biding their time in their positions, leaders might soon get an opportunity to climb the ranks. 
  • Show a high potential: CFOs don't like to promote people with limited skill sets and employees who don't care about expanding their expertise. By continuing to evolve in the workplace, it will be difficult not to get noticed as one of the business's top employees.

CFOs at a number of varying organizations are looking for different things in their top-level employees, but by taking these tips into account, leaders can make themselves next in line for high-ranking positions.