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Preparing for the Jump from CFO to President

Preparing for the Jump from CFO to President

With the role of CFOs becoming increasingly focused on overall company strategy, financial bosses are becoming more and more qualified to eventually take over the role of president of the firm.

According to, one example of this shift - which seems to becoming more popular across the U.S. - is AECOM CFO Mike Burke. Burke, who is planning to take over as president on October 1, explained that he has been preparing for the transition to the new role for a number of years, easing the process for the company as a whole.

"I've had the good fortune to work for a CEO who allowed me to spread my wings much earlier than some CFOs are allowed to do," Burke told the publication. "I started getting involved in operational matters years ago. I always tell people who work for me, try to take on the responsibilities of the next level before someone gives them to you. That helps you to move ahead in your career."

In addition to maintaining a sense of consistency within the company, preparing for promotions from the CFO level can also give shareholders comfort in knowing the transition will not be a bump in the road in terms of the company's finances.