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Quest Software CFO Cites 'Thrust' As Crucial Characteristic for Job Candidates

Motivation is Key Characteristic in Hiring Staff Members

When searching for candidates for financial positions within a company, CFOs often employ different strategies, with each technique designed to identify the most qualified professionals.

Recently, Quest Software CFO Scott Davidson spoke with IDG News Service, during which he detailed some of the strategies he uses to recruit top candidates for financial jobs at his company.

According to Davidson, the most important aspect of the hiring process is to identify which candidates have their own "thrust," using a rocket analogy. Davidson explains that as long as the person has the motor to perform their responsibilities, he or she can be directed properly in order to accomplish their specific tasks.

"We need people who are self-motivated, who can take things and run with them, because as many initiatives as we have going on at the same time, I don't have the wherewithal to stand on top and manage somebody all the time," Davidson explained to the publication.

Davidson's hiring techniques appear to be working, as the company recently surpassed 40,000 customers for its virtual machine backup and recovery business, according to a release.