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Report: 'Bring Your Own Device' Reaches Mainstream

Bring-your-own-device policies may be convenient, but they may also carry seve

The latest report from enterprise mobility solution provider iPass has revealed that the vast majority of businesses are now allowing the use of consumer mobile devices in the workplace.

In their annual Mobile Enterprise Report, iPass analysts suggested that 73 percent of enterprises allow employees to access the company network via personally owned smartphones and tablets. This trend is more pronounced among small- and medium-sized businesses, with 82 percent implementing a bring-your-own-device policy.

"Progressive IT departments are reinventing themselves from a command and control perspective as mobility is the dominant force shaping the IT landscape," said iPass chief technology officer Barbara Nelson. "There are measurable gains to be realized by implementing technology that mobilized a workforce."

However, enterprise mobility may be coming at a risk. The report also noted that two-thirds of responding companies experienced some form of security issue within the past year.

With approximately seven out of 10 responding companies planning to increase enterprise mobility spending in the next year, IT managers may be wise to allocate a portion of their budgets to security software and training that could prevent costly mistakes in the future.

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