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Research Highlights Financial, Environmental Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can reduce an organization's environmental impact as well as e

Cloud computing may gain attention from entirely new audiences after a recently released report from the Carbon Disclosure Project revealed the impressive financial and environmental advantages offered by the technology.

Improved scalability and operational efficiency have been traditional motivating factors for companies migrating to the cloud. However, a number of business executives have been holding out for a clearer analysis of the technology's potential return on investment. The CDP report may provide enough evidence to sway remaining cloud skeptics.

After conducting a multi-year analysis of nearly a dozen global firms, researchers determined that cloud computing strategies can help companies significantly reduce energy consumption and its related expenses.

"From an economy-wide standpoint, U.S. businesses with annual revenues of more than $1 billion can cut CO2 emissions by 85.7 million metric tons annually by 2020 as a result of spending 69 percent of infrastructure, platform and software budgets on cloud services," the report explained.

Under the same scenario, U.S. businesses could experience economy-wide savings of $12.3 billion annually in energy expenses alone.

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