more-arw search takes on the world

Maintaining successful customer relationships is becoming easier with the dive

When it comes to customer relationship management, many in the industry consider the end-all be-all.

In just seven years since the company went public, Salesforce has risen to prominence as a name just as recognizable in the enterprise as Microsoft, SAP or, ironically, Oracle, the company from which Mark Benioff departed to found it. Relying on its cloud-based CRM solution, Salesforce has consistently adapted to the enterprise IT industry's changes, holding steady through the depths of the economic recession and emerging with CRM solutions on the other end.

This persistence has paid off. Salesforce shares recently reached a 52-week high, following 16.6 percent growth in the past year that helped it exceed its previous 52-week high.

Lately, the market seems to consist of two competing sides - Salesforce, and everyone else.

That doesn't mean the market doesn't hold the potential for a shake up. A recent Computerworld New Zealand report analyzed the sentiments among researchers in the CRM market. Citing market worth estimates from Gartner - currently growing 21 percent year-on-year in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region - and an IDC study that found 28 percent of respondents plan to increase CRM spending, the report painted a more vivid picture of a competitive CRM market down the line.

If these predictions become reality, Salesforce and the entire enterprise IT industry could be in for significant change.

Finally, here's an interesting discussion of CRM implementation.

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