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Security concerns cause cloud computing conundrum

Businesses understand that, when it comes to offering the best products and se

Businesses understand that, when it comes to offering the best products and services, they need to provide the resources and options that consumers want. This holds true regardless of whether a firm is dealing with individual consumers or other corporations. In all instances, the recipients want to know that they can count on their enterprise IT solutions to keep their information safe and accessible in a cost-effective way.

These concerns are causing increasing issues in the cloud storage world, with more private persons taking issue with corporate offerings and businesses also seeing problems with existing cloud infrastructure. Tackling these issues head-on may be one option for handling such issues, but taking a step back and assessing the situation could be a better option.

ZDNet and TechRepublic conducted a joint survey of over 1,000 IT and executive personnel around the world to see how their businesses are faring in terms of mobile and cloud adoption. Almost 45 percent of firms are already integrating mobile deployments into their infrastructure, with an additional one-fifth making it part of their business outlook for 2013. Of the nearly half of all companies that already make use of mobile and cloud options, though, the researchers found that 61 percent have been doing so for at least a year, showing that this technology and bring-your-own-device programs have become firmly cemented into the majority of corporate cultures.

Updated needs and threats
Anticipating the security and flexibility needs of all these personnel is an increasing problem for IT staff, Varolii Corporation found. The company spoke to 600 private persons who stated that they felt their banking and financial apps weren't doing enough to protect their monetary assets and keep them up to date on account changes. While it was clear that consumers and corporate entities alike enjoyed having access to banking information while on the go, security and continuity aspects of these deployments felt lacking to many respondents. It may be that business outlook for 2013 will need to focus on driving value in this arena in order to maintain current customer relations, Varolii reported.

SC Magazine stated that the best way to encourage this is to promote simple, clear instructions and easy to use interfaces for corporate and private consumers to interact with. With so many applications offering to fix the multitude of computing issues consumers can throw at them, when deployments fail to live up to customer demands, the chances of losing that connection increase. Adding clearer security and personal communication channels, both in the finance sector and elsewhere in business, could bear substantial benefits.

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