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Smartphone Users are Easy Identity Theft Targets

Smartphone Users are Easy Identity Theft Targets

AVG Technologies released their latest Q1 2012 Community Powered Threat Report, which stated that users of mobile devices who use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals and malware.

The recent trend in mobile users becoming cyber victims can be attributed to the fact that more people and companies are going mobile. According to the report there are already 300 million activated Androids. Meanwhile, Twitter has nearly 1.5 million users while Facebook has more than 800 million, and out of all those who use mobile technology, 34 percent of them go on social media sites.

The cyber criminals have created different methods for the various social forums. For Facebook, they prey on a user's curiosity by sending them fake friend requests. When the unknowing user accepts the request, a malicious application is distributed by the mobile device. As for Twitter, hackers often leave fraudulent links as bait surrounding trending hashtags. These viruses could cause a series of problems, from corporate finance to identity theft.

According to Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief Technology Officer at AVG, Googlehad to remove at least 100 bogus apps from Google play last year.