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Smartphones are Changing the Workplace:What is You Company's Policy?

Smartphones Changing the Workplace

Bring-your-own-device policies are altering the way every sector, from the accounting community to manufacturers, are completing their daily business technology. Using wireless devices for work purposes can be very beneficial, allowing remote access from nearly anywhere. Now, driven by the desire to avoid interaction with the IT department, employees are starting to purchase their own hardware and software.

Forrester recently reported that employees supplying their own technology for work purposes spent an average of $1,253 on hardware and $557 on software. Forty-two percent responded that they wanted the device because it was something they would use in their personal lives and for work.

This is not to say that companies are on board with this trend, however, as 48 percent of those surveyed said if seen using the personal tool, business administrators would either disapprove or forbid its use.

Some industry heads may prefer one operating system over another in terms of allowing access to information. BlackBerry, for one, is probably a preferred medium for business operations, as a Trend Micro report recently deemed the mobile operating system the most appropriate for enterprise use.