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Social Media Could Bring Problems in Litigation

Social Media Could Bring Problems in Litigation

When a company in the accounting community is either involved in a lawsuit or faces an audit, they often have to go through a process called eDiscovery. This involves searching through either a portion or all of a company's electronically stored records. It is important because so many businesses store files on the computer, rather than relying on traditional paper records. However, the task of finding and producing pertinent information can be long and involved, especially now that social media is playing a large part within many firms.

According to Computerworld, eDiscovery used to be mostly comprised of electronic files and emails, but responding parties are now often called upon to produce communications from social media platforms.

To make the process easier and less costly, the source suggested relying on a few different methods of retaining and collecting information. For example, Computerworld said having a screenshot program that takes a picture of a given web page and saves it in PDF form is often a good idea, as is setting up web crawlers to capture data from social media websites. The source also advised investing in publisher application programming interfaces and a proxy method

Leaders must make sure that a plan is in place should they be forced to turn over electronic information. The Electronic Discovery Reading Room explained eDiscovery for social media data can be complicated, as it must include message boards, chat rooms, forums, blogs, netography and company networking pages, among other elements.