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Social Media Found to be Untrustworthy

Social Media Found to be Untrustworthy

Social media can have many perks. Facebook can connect family and friends no matter their location, Twitter allows people to share thoughts and ideas and LinkedIn lets business people cultivate working relationships. However, a recent study found that many people are starting to question the security of some of these platforms - despite their overwhelming popularity. 

There was a considerable amount of media backlash when it came out in an Associated Press and CNBC poll that 59 percent of all Facebook users do not trust the website to keep their personal information private. Despite that fact, 56 percent of Americans admitted to having a Facebook page. Thirty-two percent of users are under the age of 35. Forty-seven percent of Baby Boomers said they don't participate in the website's offerings.

Because the majority of people deem the platform to be untrustworthy, those with executive jobs may want to make sure their workers aren't accidentally leaking sensitive company information or using the site on the in-house network for personal reasons.

A New York Times blog announced that some software developers are offering programs that monitor popular social media websites to keep track of what staff members are saying. This allows the process to be more automated, rather than leaving HR departments to explore the pages when investigating potential hires.