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Sony Ericsson CFO Plans Smartphone Emphasis

Sony Ericsson CFO Plans Smartphone Emphasis

The chief financial officer of Sony Ericsson told Reuters in a recent interview that the company plans to continue its emphasis on smartphones under Google's Android operating system after its recent acquisition by Sony Corp.

According to the news source, Sony Ericsson has said it expects Sony Corp.'s $1.35 billion acquisition of the 50 percent Ericsson stake to be completed by February at the latest.

CFO Bill Glaser noted that this acquisition will have multiple benefits for the company, according to Reuters.

"It allows us even deeper integration with Sony offering. Our focus on Android, our focus on smartphones will not be different," he said.

Glaser's comments come as Sony Ericsson reportedly surprised analysts recently by reporting a $266.3 million loss that came as a result of increased competition and issues surrounding Europe over the past three months in particular, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Overall, 2011 sales in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region were down 28 percent from 2010 amid poor consumer sentiment, according to the news source.