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Study: Cloud Computing Jobs to Skyrocket by 2015

According to market research firm IDC, the number of cloud-related positions

Enterprises and government agencies around the world continue to adopt cloud services for numerous functions, reducing costs and increasing productivity in the process. According to a recent report by market research firm IDC, the global cloud market will expand during the next few years, driving the number of cloud-related jobs to 13.8 million worldwide by 2015.

The study revealed that the number of cloud-related positions in the United States will total nearly 1.1 million in 2015, a 66 percent increase compared to 2012 and a figure that represents 0.7 percent of the total U.S. labor force.

"For most organizations, cloud computing should be a no-brainer, given its ability to increase IT innovation and flexibility, lower capital costs, and help generate revenues that are multiples of spending," said John Gantz, chief research officer at IDC.

The report said China will generate more than 4 million cloud jobs by 2015, the most of any nation and an 84 percent expansion from current totals. India, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil round out the top five countries for cloud employment, the IDC study found.

According to experts, Asian nations like China, Japan, India and Vietnam are among the emerging cloud markets that service providers and technology companies will attempt to access in the near future.

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